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Acupuncture my "Go To" for ailments

Last week I woke up and couldn't move my neck OUCH! You maybe thinking what does this have to do with makeup or beauty. But honestly ladies if you cant move your neck there ain't a whole lot of thinking about applying your makeup that morning:) So they connect because beauty is also wellness.:)  I went to my favorite acupuncture school and had a session and it was somewhat painful but by the next morning I was moving my neck again:) Turns out that I had poor circulation and that was causing the pain. Who knew???  Oriental Medicine can be so healing because it address the root of whatever ailment that you are faced with. It is always my "Go To" whenever I get sick. But the key is how to do preventive maintenance......  These past few weeks has been a little hectic so haven't been taking care of myself very well and am feeling very depleted of energy.  Starting a fresh from now I will take 100 times better care of my health:) Tata for now:)