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 Me and my friend Ai Soka   Beautiful flower arrangements  Soka University of America on a sunny day  So it has been a really long time since I have written anything, and I think the thing I want to share the most is about having appreciation. We all have things that bog us down or sometimes we feel stuck in a sense in our lives, however the most important element I think in life when you feel this way is appreciation. For awhile I think I stopped appreciating things in my life and as a result I was not happy with anything at all. Once I could see that I had lost that appreciation then I started just appreciating the small things like the view from my office and my coworkers and also my husband. ( Best husband ever by the way :) ) So if you feel like you are stuck start with just even appreciating your life and the smallest things in your day:) Here are a few photos of things that I appreciate :) Have a wonderful week !