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Pacifica Giveaway

So this post is actually a draft that I never finished from the year 2013. Yes it was 6 years old just sitting in the Queue, and I when I saw it I said I got to dig this baby out and also share the update on Pacifica! Alot has happened since then. When  I first found Pacifica on shelves back then at my local supermarket it was candles and perfume and  now they don't make their candles anymore and focus on makeup, skincare and body-care. In 2013 I got the pleasure to meet the founder Brook Harvey- Taylor and then again this year 2018 I reconnected with her at a show. I guess this is one of those pinch me moments when I realize that I actually have come so far in my life and business goals and didn't even realize it! SURPRISE their is a GIVEAWAY of their products for you guys !!!  I was just shipped a box full of their new Crystal bath line and they want me to give it away to one lucky follower who is a mama and needs some serious Crystal Bath Rejuvenation! To enter head over