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A little touch of Hawaiian Paradise

Aloha!!!!I am in love with this site called Island Heritage!It is a Hawaiian online store that carries everything that has a touch of Hawaii to it. Actually I discovered this through my boss. Two weeks ago I decided to log on and check it out! To my surprise there were so many things that I loved and wanted to purchase. But ladies you know I am on a budget!!It is a good thing actually teaching me responsibility with my $$$$ money:)I narrowed my purchase to these items above. I have to say that the shipping took a little long almost two weeks for the package to arrive. 
My favorite thing I got has to be the hula girl nail files!!! They are so adorable  I think I might have to give one to each of my coworkers and friends as a gift. To cute to hang on to just for myself. Share the LOVE !!! Anyways with Spring around the corner I wanted to get a new makeup and travel bag that was bright and cheerful. These defenitly did the trick and they were under $15.00 for both. Not crazy about the can…

Just a few of my Favorite beauty products right now!

I am in a pink mood:) Lipstick, gloss, even flowers:) Particularly a baby pink! When I was visiting Florida in January this year I noticed that I wasn't wearing alot of makeup because the weather was so beautiful. So all I really needed was bronzer and a great gloss. I had the bronzer but the gloss was missing. That is when I went searching for the perfect gloss! Weirdly enough I found it in the airport at a small drugstore they had in the terminal.That is when I found Electric Shock lip gloss by Maybeline for only $9.50. I cant tell you the transition that I have made since I started this blog. To tell the truth I was a huge makeup and skincare Snob! But I have completely changed my perspective on drugstore brand cosmetics and skincare. I have purchased some of my fav glosses and masks and other things lately at CVS. Stay tuned for some more snags that I have to share soon.