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New Video Interview Coming Soon On Why Moms Make The Switch To Green Beauty

Coming Soon! Video Up on The Green Beauty! I had the great pleasure yesterday to do a video interview and I really looking forward to sharing it with you soon. We talk about why mom's make the switch into green beauty when they are pregnant, what is shaping the green beauty industry, why I started The Green Beauty Mom and lots more. If you haven't Subscribed yet to the Green Beauty Mom Newsletter please do so now so you can be the first to watch this video! Thank you !- The Green Beauty Mom
As a working mother from home it can be hard to accomplish tasks. Does anyone else have this problem? It is so easy to just want to snack, make coffee, search the internet and so on. The hardest thing I am challenging is launching a business and then doing all the other house chores and running around I need to. One thing I am determined to do is be more efficient with my time and also write down all my activities so I don't loose track of time. But the funniest thing is, since I am The Green Beauty Mom  you would think the first I do is get up and wash my face and do a skin care ritual and then put on some organic green makeup:) Well because of breast feeding 6 times a night and waking up half awake the first thing I reach for now is COFFEE!!!!! Sound familiar to any mom's out there? Just keeping it real today-The Green Beauty Mom

Getting Pregnant is what motivated me to make the Switch to Green Beauty

This photo reminds me of why I started down the green beauty path. It wasn't until I got pregnant with my son that I realized I had to make the switch because my son was going to get everything I was putting on my skin. My husband and I only wanted the best health for our son so I decided to make the switch in my beauty cabinet first. This was followed by also eating organic fruits and vegis. Go check out my website to read my full story!!!! -thegreenbeautymom