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Road Trip to Vancouver Canada

Over the Thanksgiving holiday my husband and I took a road trip up the California and Oregon Coast to Vancouver Canada to see my dad's side of the family The coasts of Oregon and Cali are amazing. Every vista there is a new type of geography here is a photo of us in front of a waterfall on the way to Whistler in Canada. Hope you had an holiday with  wonderful golden memories with your loved ones:) The only way I can describe it was WOW AMAZING!!!

2015 arm candy

Welcome to 2015!! Hope that you have had a great entrance to this year. This year I'll being posting more photos of fashion and beauty as a combined message. These are my new favorite gift and fashion statements. I'll call them Arm Candy! !! My husband gave me the bracelets for Christmas and the tattoos I got for my self!!

***************First Video for 2015**************Comming soon *************

First Makeup Video Coming Soon ********************************** Me ( on left) and my friend Mitsuko in January 2015 in LA! Hi Everyone with the new year of 2015 here I have made a lot of new goals and dreams. One of my long terms goals is to have my own make up and skin care line made of natural healing organic ingredients. After working in the beauty industry for over 15 years I have worked for some of the top brands and leading beauty companies in the world such as AVEDA, THE BODY SHOP AND LANCOME to name a few. Working doing free lance makeup, weddings and photo shot assisting and more were the most enjoyable times exploring my creative side in makeup and skin care. Over the past few years with the boom of the internet and You Tube Personalities & Blogging this is the future of reaching out to the public with your creativity. This year I will start making videos about makeup tips and skin care secrets and more fun stuff! Please stay tuned for my first video ( that I