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Perfume Oil Review

I have been a lover of body perfume oils every since I was introduced to The Body Shop oils in high school. They used to have a perfume bar when you entered their stores where you could experience all their oils in glass jars. Those were the good old days of The Body Shop. Ever since L'Oreal purchased the company they did away with small bottled perfume oils :(  Now that we have entered the 21st Century and the beauty industry is overflowing with small companies that make organic or wild crafted oils you can find them on many different websites. This site is an encyclopedia of fragrances from all over the world if you are looking for fragrance bible this is it. I have never really found something to substitute my strawberry and coconut oil from The Body Shop,however I have tried Caudalie Divine oil which I loved and also their are companies where you can buy a few different oils and try them out such as Nectarine, The Fragrance Shop and From Nature with L