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Oleksandra Spa Las Vegas

I know it has been a long time since my last review. I got a new job and have been busy adjusting to a new rhythm. However this past weekend with time off for the holidays  I was able to catch up on my passion of spa going. My mother in law was here visiting for Christmas and so we  decided to take a family trip to Vegas. We stayed at a hotel on the strip which later we discovered  changes a resort fee . That fee includes a $17 pass to the spa and fitness center. On day one we walked  from one end of the Strip  to the other, needless to say we were in  need of some R & R. We threw on our sweats and jeans and headed down stairs to the spa. As soon as we entered we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us around the facility.  It smelled like a Eucalyptus from the steam room and it was so nicely decorated. We were given plush terry robes and a pair of flip flops that we were allowed to take with us. First stop was steam room, then jacuzzi and lastly sauna. It is amazing the

Me and Celeste at Planet Salon

Me & Celeste at Planet Salon Celeste and I met when I worked at Aveda back in 2007. I used to be her hair model and I have become her client over the  years. She has taken me from dark brown hair to, sandy brown, pink highlights and all the way Blondie. The reason I continue to go to Celeste is her personality and talent. She has them both which I consider to be a magical  duo! Not only does she use Aveda color on my hair that doesn't irritate my scalp and is 96% plant based she is also artistic.   Ginger Boyle owns Planet Salon where Celeste works which is located on Robertson and Olympic. The salon is full of artistic fun and friendly stylist. They serve you Aveda's famous tea and also give you a hand massage while you are waiting and a Aromatherapy neck and shoulder rub at the shampoo bar. That is my favorite part:) It is time for the holidays which means more parties and spending time with friends and family!!! Don't get caught with your roots not done:) I would

Gel Manicure!!!! New Spa Review

This is the place on Main St. in Santa Monica:) Hello Good Friday afternoon. This morning I went to get my nails done at this new Spa/Boutique in Santa Monica called "Alchemie". It is so cute!!!!!I discovered it the other night driving down Main St. I parked and went in and met Mary at the desk, she is the owner and so nice and friendly. I noticed on their sign outside that they offered a $38 introductory gel manicure. She told me about the service and how they serve you tea as well, so I decided to book an appointment for the following morning. The atmosphere is modern spa chic, where they offer a retail boutique selling Clarsonic machines, Eminence Organic Skin Care products, Butter nail polish from the UK and jewelry. Honestly  a relaxing atmosphere makes a world of difference when you are treating yourself to a massage, manicure, facial or whatever it maybe. This place really has a great vibe.  Amy was my manicurist, she is  so friendly and really took the time to do

Healthy Detox for you and Spa Day at home:)

I took this photo in Japan it is a Peony :) I have been on a journey the past couple of days looking for ways to improve my health. Around 2001 I discovered a place called Dr. Schultz. This is not the foot doctor:) LOL. This is a man that wanted to help people get healthy naturally using plants and herbs. He has a shop where he sells his products to the public near my home so I ventured in and met this amazing young women who works there. She sent me home with a sample of one of his products called Intestinal Formula #1. It helps to eliminate toxins out of your colon. Well  let's just say that it really works!!!!! I took it for one day and already feel better and have more energy and my body feels lighter.  Today I went in to see her and thanked her for the sample and expertise and purchased a product called Air Detox. For those of us that can't afford $100 trip to the spa this is a wonderful way to do it at home for cheap. Air Detox is a spray formula that has Eucalyptus

Beauty inside and out!'

I took this photo of orchids that reminds me of inner beauty In the early morning yesterday I  was able to work on my inner beauty:)   My friend invited me to take a Zumba class with her. Have you guys tried that yet?  Here are two words for the class description" Endorphin Rush!!!!". My thoughts on beauty are that no matter how much makeup you pile on your face or how amazing your hair and eyebrows look, if you do not feel good about yourself, What is the point.....??? In the class we were dancing to all sorts of music and dancing and bouncing around. I could feel my body detoxing and  losing some of those biscuits and gravy  that we had on our two week road trip to the south.  Only in LA would you find a pregnant woman  taking the class and moving around like a pro. I tip my hat to her determination to stay fit through her pregnancy.  Toward the middle of the class I felt this surge of energy and joy that I think was definitely part of  my body releasing that chemical

Last nights Spa Event Photos as promised!!!!!!!!

Outside patio Pathway leading to back of Spa This was inside I loved it such a good idea if you love teapots! So last night I attended the Willow Spa Event with my friend. It was so much fun:) As promised here are some of the photos! She went home with a Free Willow Mist that smells like a spa and I bought a small soy candle that is called Lotus:) More to come:) Hey, treat yourself to a spa day soon!!!!You deserve it:) 

Spa Review: Santa Monica Willow Spa

I took this photo at the Botanical Gardens in Denver CO.  Today I am really excited to be attending a once a year event at my favorite spa in Santa Monica Willow Spa!  I used to live right across the street from this place for years and only discovered it once I was moving. This spa offers an exclusive treatment that no one else offers in LA called a  Japaneses Enzyme Bath.  When you arrive to Willow  it is as though you have entered a portal that leads you to a tropical garden in Hawaii or Thailand. There is a waterfall and plumeria trees and the house looks like a Hawaiian Tree House:). Converting this house into a spa has given it a sense of  warmth. I had to book this treatment because I was so intrigued. When I  arrived  I was shown to the back where they have you change into your robe and give you a enzyme drink ( that tastes like honey and I think it is a Japanese brand that is supposed to add with digestion) and some ginger tea served on a tray with a Hawaiian  Orchid.

Welcome to Beauty 4 Peace

Today is the beginning of a path toward beauty with passion, integrity and a sense of mission .  My mission statement: "I will bridge the gap between peace, elegance, beauty,nature and science. Leading the industry with integrity and a passion for beauty." My name is Callie and I live in LA with my husband. My passion for beauty began when I used to watch my mother pile on Chanel in her bathroom  (which looked more like a cosmetic counter in Nordstrom:)) when I was about 5 years old. This inspired me to unlock my inner artist and try playing with makeup. When I was only 10 years old and my grandmother took me to the Lancome counter and bought me my first full regime of skincare. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing has been ingrained in me similarly to the way the brushing your teeth and doing your homework was to most of my friends. My first job in the industry was at Lancome in Macy's when I was 15 years old. ( I don't think that it was legal for them to even hir