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Oleksandra Spa Las Vegas

I know it has been a long time since my last review. I got a new job and have been busy adjusting to a new rhythm. However this past weekend with time off for the holidays  I was able to catch up on my passion of spa going. My mother in law was here visiting for Christmas and so we  decided to take a family trip to Vegas. We stayed at a hotel on the strip which later we discovered  changes a resort fee . That fee includes a $17 pass to the spa and fitness center. On day one we walked  from one end of the Strip  to the other, needless to say we were in  need of some R & R. We threw on our sweats and jeans and headed down stairs to the spa. As soon as we entered we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us around the facility. 
It smelled like a Eucalyptus from the steam room and it was so nicely decorated. We were given plush terry robes and a pair of flip flops that we were allowed to take with us. First stop was steam room, then jacuzzi and lastly sauna. It is amazing the benefits from steam and saunas. You can detox and sweat out any pollutants through your sweat glands. It also can help with water retention and chest congestion if you are sick. Sauna and steam rooms are ancient rooms that were considered places for people to talk and even were considered a sacred activity in some cultures.  
I felt so relaxed and happy after our visit to the spa. We drank alot of water and tea and also snacked on some fruit while we were there. I rate this spa in the top 10 that I have experienced so far. More spa reviews to come with spa adventures from around the globe:) Happy Holiday's and take some time for you to unwind after the stress of the holiday season and slip into a spa for some rejuvenation.


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