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New Favorite Beauty Shop

Happy New Years Eve everyone. I was in San Diego today shopping for a gift for my mom and stumbled upon this great little shop! They are similar toThe Body Shop but are a Korean brand. Love their packaging its so cute;) They have locations all up the coast of California.Check them out!

Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays under $20

Pacifica Island Vanilla Gift Set under $15 Hello !!Happy Holidays !!!!!  I recently picked up this three piece gift set the sent me to the islands with one whiff of its tantalizing fragrance of island vanilla. It was only $12.99 and included a roll on EDT and a small purse size body butter and a lip butter. All of the products are amazing and my fav is the EDT:) I'll post a few more gift giving ideas under twenty bucks soon , so stay tuned :) 

Tarte & Urban Decay

 I love Tarte Cosmetics and Urban Decay Hi Everyone wow long time no see. Since I have been away I have fallen deeply in love with Tarte Cosmetics and this Urban Decay loose powder. I recently went to Japan and the person I traveled with gave me this loose powder which is absolutely amazing. I usually don't use powder because I love a glow to my face but when you are traveling and the weather is humid I had to use something. The powder actually doesn't go on to thick and it really does the job of setting your makeup:) Tarte is a innovate company that uses natural ingredients that are good for your skin. This foundation is AWESOME! It was on sale on their website for $22.00 so I decided to give it a try and glad that I did. Not only is it good for you it evens out your skin tone and gives you a beautiful glow. Hope to be making more posts now that the holidays are coming around the corner. TATA for now!! 

Ipsy Glam bag for August 2013

My favorites from the Glam bag for August!  Hi Everyone I know it has been awhile! I have been yearning to do some blogging but my life has taken on a speed that I am having to catch up with. Anyway I received my August Ipsy Glam bag and am so happy with the selection of items. I will be sharing with my mom some of the makeup because she is looking for a new foundation. Pacifica's All Light BB cream is in this months bag and I am going to send that to her because I think she will love it!Love that they have included a mini lipstick from Urban Decay! This will be perfect for traveling next month, and the color is a hot pink!!!! Lastly is a facial scrub! This week i was researching all the different monthly beauty subscriptions that are out there. My next one will be Birchbox. There are so many it is hard to choose I also liked Julep! Mystery Beauty boxes are addictive if you love beauty like I do!!!!! :) My husband gently reminds me that I am taking a trip soon so save some mone

Nails on a Budget! Make them Shine:)

Rainbow nails for Summer done on a budget I did my nails on a budget since I am saving money this summer. I decided I wanted some Bling with color! First things first you need some colorful polishes that you can play with and have fun. I did a different color on every nail. My idea was Rainbow nails. Then I purchased some nail stickers that are so easy to apply for people like me that need to keep it simple. I recommend getting Japanese brands they are the best and not to pricey. Lastly I sealed them with a clear coat and let me tell you i can do the dishes, use the computer at work and wash my hands and they still look like I got them done at the salon yesterday( but for 1/3 of the price.) So ladies shake up your look with some color and bling on those nails. I forgot to mention this only took 15 minutes to do.

Fashion/ Makeup 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Fall 2014. Love this look :)  I came across this photo today of Fall Fashion hitting the runway and I had to share. This is so inventive. Who would have though that art from this period would influence fashion in the 21st Century. That is the creative mind" always inventing and reinventing fabulous things." So I have decided that my first video post will be me reinventing this makeup look :) Look for my video soon to come:) 

Ipsy Glam Bag for May 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag for May 2013:) I currently subscribe to Michelle Phan's monthly makeup/cosmetic bag called " IPSY". I have to tell you that since I have been working alot and rarely make it into the stores this is a fabulous way for me to get my cosmetic and makeup fix for only $10 a month. In this months bag they have a roll on perfume from Pacifica one of my favorite companies. It is Gardenia perfume which used to be my grandmothers favorite flower. In addition there is a nail polish by Zoya, a hair oil by Macadamia  a under eye concealer ( that I didn't picture here) and a wonderful lip Gloss by Juice. My favorite products are the roll on perfume and the lip gloss. Here is a link to the website if you want to check out getting your own subscription   !!!! I think on my next post is going to be a makeup video:) What do you think? 
The Lions Family May 2013 Hi Everyone sorry I have not posted in a  while have been busy with life:) Here is a picture of me and my husband at our friends wedding. The reason I thought to  post this is so that I can share more of who I am with all of you. My husband bought me this dress treated me to get my hair done, a massage and my eyebrows done the day before. He is the best, not because he did all of that, but because he never spares a moment to show his love and affection. To all the ladies and gents out there make sure that when you pick your life partner it's the best!!!!! (P.S. I didn't have time to do my at home spray tan:))

Brazilian Mango Body Wash

Pacifica Mango Body Wash I have been obsessing over Mango this past couple weeks. In high school there was a shop in the 90's called Garden Botanika. For all the 80's babies out there they had a scent  called Mango and since I moved from Portland Oregon  in high school I have not been able to find anything similar until  now!!! One of my favorite fragrance brands is  Pacifica  and they make this delicious Brazilian Mango scent. The body wash I use it for bubble baths, to wash my make up brushes, as a body wash and my husband loves it!  ( he is allergic to most fragrances in  products but because Pacifica uses ingredients from essential and natural oils he can use it with no problem.)  Since Spring is here slip into a delicious Mango Bubble Bath!!!! :) 

Baby Lips

 Peach Kiss(left) Pink Punch ( right)  So are you looking for a moisturizing balm that also has a hint on color? Here is your answer:) They are called Baby Lips by Maybelline. I got my first one as a Christmas gift from my friend and have been hooked ever since. I recently saw that they had limited edition colors available in CVS. The most fabulous thing is that it is under $5. So for a sexy pout try out any color and then dab on some gloss to top it off. Have fun:)  

Tata Harper the 411 on her Nontoxic products

Tata Harper Product Review Here is the 411 on Tata Harper............... She is originally form Columbia. Her father got sick from cancer and the doctor asked to see all his cosmetic and grooming products. When he brought them in for the doctor to review he identified some key ingredients in the products that he was using that were known to cause cancer. Tata was with her father and thought of making her own line that was good for people, had no chemicals and had results.  Now she has a farm in Vermont where she grows all the flowers and herbs for her organic skin care line and produces it onsite as well.  It is so pure that most of her products only have a 6 month shelf life.  I met Tata Harper in Santa Monica and she told me this story herself.   Posted in the photos are 3 of her products that I love and want to share with you. The bottle on the left is Aromatic Bedtime treatment and on the right is Aromatic Stress Treatment. They are both aromatherapy oils that totally transf

Hourglass Makeup :) A few of the Best

My husband took this photo at the Huntington Library  Hourglass Primer No 28!!!  Hourglass makeup is by far one of the best makeup companies in the world. I know you must be wondering " Really?? Why??". The founder Carissa used to work with Urban Decay for many years and she wanted to develop a makeup line that also had beneficial properties like a skin care. This was how hourglass was born!!!!  The line is now carried in Sephora and one of the best sellers is their Veil Mineral Primer. My personal favorite is their No 28 Primer Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging. I love it:) Right after I put on my moisturizer I pat this on to my face and neck.It contains 28 different essential oils such as lavender oil and Geranium oil which also give it the amazing aroma. Instantly your skin looks younger and fresh like you just stepped off a plane from a tropical island. ( humidity tends make your skin look fresh and dewy, but watch out if you have oily prone skin this is not the clim

A little touch of Hawaiian Paradise

Island Heritage Mango scented candle, Coconut Vanilla Hula Hands Sanitizer,  Hula Girl Nail Files and Island print cosmetic bags. Aloha!!!!I am in love with this site called Island Heritage!It is a Hawaiian online store that carries everything that has a touch of Hawaii to it. Actually I discovered this through my boss. Two weeks ago I decided to log on and check it out! To my surprise there were so many things that I loved and wanted to purchase. But ladies you know I am on a budget!!It is a good thing actually teaching me responsibility with my $$$$ money:)I narrowed my purchase to these items above. I have to say that the shipping took a little long almost two weeks for the package to arrive.  My favorite thing I got has to be the hula girl nail files!!! They are so adorable  I think I might have to give one to each of my coworkers and friends as a gift. To cute to hang on to just for myself. Share the LOVE !!! Anyways with Spring around the corner I wanted to get a new makeup

Just a few of my Favorite beauty products right now!

Pacifica Island Vanilla Solid Perfume sold at Whole Foods, Electric Shock lip gloss by Maybeline, Faint for Fuchsia  Color Whisper by Maybeline both sold at CVS. I am in a pink mood:) Lipstick, gloss, even flowers:) Particularly a baby pink! When I was visiting Florida in January this year I noticed that I wasn't wearing alot of makeup because the weather was so beautiful. So all I really needed was bronzer and a great gloss. I had the bronzer but the gloss was missing. That is when I went searching for the perfect gloss! Weirdly enough I found it in the airport at a small drugstore they had in the terminal.That is when I found Electric Shock lip gloss by Maybeline for only $9.50.  I cant tell you the transition that I have made since I started this blog. To tell the truth I was a huge makeup and skincare Snob! But I have completely changed my perspective on drugstore brand cosmetics and skincare. I have purchased some of my fav glosses and masks and other things lately at CVS.