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Baby Lips

 Peach Kiss(left) Pink Punch ( right)  So are you looking for a moisturizing balm that also has a hint on color? Here is your answer:) They are called Baby Lips by Maybelline. I got my first one as a Christmas gift from my friend and have been hooked ever since. I recently saw that they had limited edition colors available in CVS. The most fabulous thing is that it is under $5. So for a sexy pout try out any color and then dab on some gloss to top it off. Have fun:)  

Tata Harper the 411 on her Nontoxic products

Tata Harper Product Review Here is the 411 on Tata Harper............... She is originally form Columbia. Her father got sick from cancer and the doctor asked to see all his cosmetic and grooming products. When he brought them in for the doctor to review he identified some key ingredients in the products that he was using that were known to cause cancer. Tata was with her father and thought of making her own line that was good for people, had no chemicals and had results.  Now she has a farm in Vermont where she grows all the flowers and herbs for her organic skin care line and produces it onsite as well.  It is so pure that most of her products only have a 6 month shelf life.  I met Tata Harper in Santa Monica and she told me this story herself.   Posted in the photos are 3 of her products that I love and want to share with you. The bottle on the left is Aromatic Bedtime treatment and on the right is Aromatic Stress Treatment. They are both aromatherapy oils that totally transf

Hourglass Makeup :) A few of the Best

My husband took this photo at the Huntington Library  Hourglass Primer No 28!!!  Hourglass makeup is by far one of the best makeup companies in the world. I know you must be wondering " Really?? Why??". The founder Carissa used to work with Urban Decay for many years and she wanted to develop a makeup line that also had beneficial properties like a skin care. This was how hourglass was born!!!!  The line is now carried in Sephora and one of the best sellers is their Veil Mineral Primer. My personal favorite is their No 28 Primer Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging. I love it:) Right after I put on my moisturizer I pat this on to my face and neck.It contains 28 different essential oils such as lavender oil and Geranium oil which also give it the amazing aroma. Instantly your skin looks younger and fresh like you just stepped off a plane from a tropical island. ( humidity tends make your skin look fresh and dewy, but watch out if you have oily prone skin this is not the clim