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My mother in Seventeen Magazine

Me at 18 years old My mother at 16 years old Here is my mom in Seventeen magazine when she was 16. Amazing! Having photos like these really allow you to have a glimpse into the past. Mom's have the warmth and love that no matter what happens they are always there for you !

Top 3 makeup companies that I love that dont test on animals ******************************

Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore  Hourglass Pacifica I have not written a post in awhile but I have been doing makeup since I have been away. Today I was able to play with Pacifica makeup with my coworker which was so much fun. We had a blast! These are the top three brands that I love so much and really admire their values and mission behind what they do. Hourglass, Flower Beauty and Pacifica all do not test on animals. Apart from that when you wear their makeup it feels good and is not bad for your skin. If these are things that are important to you then give them a try. Flower Beauty is the lowest price point and then Pacifica and then Hourglass is on the higher end.   


 Me and my friend Ai Soka   Beautiful flower arrangements  Soka University of America on a sunny day  So it has been a really long time since I have written anything, and I think the thing I want to share the most is about having appreciation. We all have things that bog us down or sometimes we feel stuck in a sense in our lives, however the most important element I think in life when you feel this way is appreciation. For awhile I think I stopped appreciating things in my life and as a result I was not happy with anything at all. Once I could see that I had lost that appreciation then I started just appreciating the small things like the view from my office and my coworkers and also my husband. ( Best husband ever by the way :) ) So if you feel like you are stuck start with just even appreciating your life and the smallest things in your day:) Here are a few photos of things that I appreciate :) Have a wonderful week !

Acupuncture my "Go To" for ailments

Last week I woke up and couldn't move my neck OUCH! You maybe thinking what does this have to do with makeup or beauty. But honestly ladies if you cant move your neck there ain't a whole lot of thinking about applying your makeup that morning:) So they connect because beauty is also wellness.:)  I went to my favorite acupuncture school and had a session and it was somewhat painful but by the next morning I was moving my neck again:) Turns out that I had poor circulation and that was causing the pain. Who knew???  Oriental Medicine can be so healing because it address the root of whatever ailment that you are faced with. It is always my "Go To" whenever I get sick. But the key is how to do preventive maintenance......  These past few weeks has been a little hectic so haven't been taking care of myself very well and am feeling very depleted of energy.  Starting a fresh from now I will take 100 times better care of my health:) Tata for now:) 

Generation Beauty in LA with Founder of Pacifica Brooke Harvey Taylor

Had such a wonderful time this past weekend at Generation Beauty. Got to speak with Brooke Harvey Taylor about how she got started in the industry and also what has kept her going when she encountered obstacles along her journey. Got a wonderful manicure at their booth as well with their new nail colors which are free of all the bad stuff. Thanks Pacifica:)

Diffrent Ways to Eat Fruit on Memorial Weekend!!

 Grilled Pineapples and Peaches for the Memorial Weekend So its Friday and we are all I am sure ready for the 3 day weekend. My coworker and I were talking today about what we are doing this weekend. We are both throwing BB Q's and she suggested grilling some peaches and pineapples. I have never tried peaches so I am going to try it this weekend. How are you celebrating this weekend? I would love to hear post a comment below:) Happy 3 Day Weekend

My Favorite Summer Essentials for 2014

Ladies summer is right on the horizon and I wanted to share with you my must haves for the season..................... My husband is responsible for getting me seriously addicted to Library of Flowers True Vanilla Body Wash. Recently the heat wave has been so intense that taking a nice cool shower with this amazing aromatherapy body wash is great and also a wonderful way to moderate your body temperature. If you have not already been introduced to BY TERRY this line is luxury with the price tag to match. Here is a Sun booster Serum that acts as a self tanner over time for those of us who don't like sitting under the summer rays. The Hot Pink nail polish you can get at Whole Foods and what I love these days are nail polishes that don't have all the bad stuff in them. Also check out Pacifica they just launched a new nail polish line. My must have # 1 is Hourglass lip color in Fever.  This lipstick is infused with coconut oil and is so rich in color and moisture. Last but not

Wine tasting in Big Sur California for three year wedding anniversary

For our Three year wedding anniversary my husband and I headed up to where we were in engaged in Big Sur California  in 2010. We stopped at our favorite winery and did some tasting to start the weekend off right. I love this vineyard because of the amazing landscape and the beautiful tasting wine. I'm a sweet wine kind of gal Wine Tasting in Big Sur   California Poppies Vineyards of our favorite wine tasting spot Bogenvia The grape vines

Ipsy Bag for April

Ipsy Bag April 2014 I received my Ipsy bag last night and I have to say I always look for it in the mail everyday after work. I have been subcribing for over 2 years and I love it. Probley best $10.95 I spend on product every month. So my favorite product this month has to be the roll on perfume in Jasmin. Although I have not tried the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion !!!! There is a new brand of eye shadow in there that I have not heard of or tried before either. Always looking for new brands and products to try.:) 

Beauty at its finest Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens This past weekend I was in Atlanta and had the wonderful pleasure of visiting their Botanical Gardens. I have to say it was one of the most beautiful ones I have even visited. The tulips were all in bloom and dancing in the wind showing off their vibrant colors. Gardens have a way of restoring peace to the soul and making me smile:)