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Welcome to Beauty 4 Peace

Today is the beginning of a path toward beauty with passion, integrity and a sense of missionMy mission statement: "I will bridge the gap between peace, elegance, beauty,nature and science. Leading the industry with integrity and a passion for beauty."My name is Callie and I live in LA with my husband. My passion for beauty began when I used to watch my mother pile on Chanel in her bathroom (which looked more like a cosmetic counter in Nordstrom:)) when I was about 5 years old. This inspired me to unlock my inner artist and try playing with makeup. When I was only 10 years old and my grandmother took me to the Lancome counter and bought me my first full regime of skincare. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing has been ingrained in me similarly to the way the brushing your teeth and doing your homework was to most of my friends. My first job in the industry was at Lancome in Macy's when I was 15 years old. ( I don't think that it was legal for them to even hire me, but they did:) ) My career in beauty has allowed me to work for a hand full of large beauty retailers such as Club Monaco Cosmetics, Aveda, The Body Shop and Space NK. When working for these companies I realized that it was important for me to recommend products that produced  results but were made with integrity.  A big part of my life is to give back to people and the environment,  because of that you will also find topics on environmental issues, humanitarian endeavors and education on this page as well.  Tune in daily for reviews and inspiration. Thank you to my friends and my husband for inspiring me to start this blog! Let's enjoy the journey together:) Callie 


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Weleda a Mama and Baby Friendly Green Line

This is me at work in Whole Foods El Segundo educating customers on a great German brand called Weleda. Have you heard of it? I have been using their Baby Calendula line on my son and he loves it. After each bath he ask for his lotion and wants  to apply it him self. In addition they have other products in their range such as body care and if you have been in search of a good green clean deodorant I have switched over to using their Rose Deodorant and it works and smells great. Let me know if you want to hear more about this brand and I will do a full post , but for now when you are out shopping in Whole Foods or your local natural market pull out your EWG Skin Deep App and look up their products for your family. -The Green Beauty Mom

Interview by Gemma from Formula Botanica we talk about what is shaping the Green Beauty Industry

Hi Everyone if you haven't seen this video interview that I did with Gemma it is packed with great Green Beauty tips and also our thoughts on what is currently shaping the industry and what the future holds as well. Please tell me in the comments what your current frustrations are with the Green Beauty industry and I will be happy to answer all your frustrations and questions in next blog post. My YouTube Channel is about to go live so keep informed by subscribing to my newsletter which you can do on my website at Thank you Gemma for this great opportunity to speak with you!-The Green Beauty Mom Callie Lions