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Day 3 : Your inner makeover

Today I want to share from my heart about what I have learned recently regarding situations involving relationships with people that cause you to suffer and I am gonna keep it Real! I am sure if you ask yourself if there is someone in your environment that you absolutely can not stand right now ,the answer maybe yes and it maybe no. But if your answer was yes then the next question should be this: what can you do to turn that situation around. If you would have asked me this question about 15 years ago I would have loudly said" It is the other person that needs to transform their attitude not me!" But that never worked out for me . So when I started to practice Buddhism about 15 years ago one of the revolutionary concepts that grabbed my attention was I could transform any situation in my environment that was causing me to suffer by  taking full responsibility first and having a shift in my own inner state of life. REVOLUTIONARY!!!!! I am here to say it works. Taking full responsibility is still hard for me though I have to admit.However once I do, I realize that I no longer have ill feelings for the other person. It is amazing and so liberating! Please dont mistake taking full responsibility from a place of blame or guilt but from a perspective of growth.
You know I talk alot about beauty and fashion and all these amazing things but the real important issues are the changes in your heart that you can not see.
Putting on makeup and having the cute outfit are great, but what if it is only to mask a really ugly attitude or a selfish heart. Now that simply will not do!
So start your own inner makeover today and Keep it Real with your outfits and your attitudes!


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